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Virtual choir videos are a special kind of participation project, with a great potential to be shared by participants and audience alike.  The experience should be one where everyone involved is proud to haven taken part, and the result should be a memorable video asset that can be enjoyed by many.

ChoirFarm offers the full service team to design, manage and produce a bespoke virtual choir projects whether for staff engagement, charitable campaigns, professional music videos or special occasions celebrating individuals or communities.
Our custom project service pushes the boundaries on what is possible with these videos. We can produce formal choral arrangements to novel one-off projects for messaging campaigns.

We offer our high quality service to individuals and organisations of all sizes and its always free to discuss an idea.

Virtual Choir Services

Our process

We have developed an efficient process for all kinds of custom projects, big or small and work with clients to provide either the full service, or slot into your project with a part service.  The process can be accelerated for quick turnaround projects, with some stages in parallel, especially if working to standard templates. The full process goes through 7 stages.
Stage 1: Creative Brief
We  help you define your project objectives, target audience, participants, timeframe and budget. We check copyright issues, if any, and secure any sync licences needed for music cover videos.

Stage 2: Project Set Up
The next step is to set up the project digital infrastructure, the registrations pages, participant CRM, recording studio backing tracks and pages.

Stage 3:  Registration Management
We publish the registration pages and invite participant either through email communications, or wider social promotion with follow up instructions and unique recording codes.

Stage 4: Participant Recordings
Our recording technology makes it easy for participants to submit time limited recordings directly online or via mobile, all associated with participant information.

Stage 5: Audio Mix
Our professional audio mixing process ensures that all the voices are included and blended beautifully to make a sound you will be proud of.

Stage 6: Video Design & Mix
Once the basic audio mix is established design new layouts or work from tried and tested templates, according to the song structure, the participant numbers and the brief.

Stage 7:Review
We review throughout each stage, and our final check with the customer with a low resolution render ensures everyone is satisfied we have met our brief before final rendering.

Stage 8: Delivery
The final video is rendered in the specified formats, and delivered or published as specified.

Choral greetings videos

In 2021 we will launch the world's first choral greeting video shop where you can purchase multi part song templates and record harmonies which we convert into mobile greetings videos.
We are not yet ready to open the shop more widely, but we are still manually crafting greetings to order.
If you have a big birthday, wedding anniversary, leaving party or other occasion where a large format virtual choir greeting from family friends and colleagues would be hit the spot, get in touch.

Digital Services

ChoirFarm's in house offers a full bespoke digital service for all your digital needs, serving national, local, community choirs, choral societies and educational establishments.

We build websites, membership sites and web and mobile apps. We can integrate online resources, audio and video recordings, online payments and all things related to running an efficient choir digital infrustructure helping you manage your activities and membership more efficiently.

We also provide support to funded digital projects, we provide hosting and training services for all our customers.
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Research & Development

ChoirFarm runs an active R&D programme including both self-funded initiatives and publicly funded projects. We undertake market, user research and technology development to create new innovative products and services for business, charities, the wider choral communities and music industry.

We often collaborate and our founder has over 15 years experience in managing innovation and collaborative R and D projects. Get in touch if you have a research problem and would like to work with us.
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Coming Soon

We are busy working on an online Choral Video Greetings shop which offers an affordable short form video greeting to individuals and groups of all vocal ability.

Powered by our Combine Song Harvester™ software, the aim is to reduce the time, complexity and cost associated in producing a virtual choir video, whilst making it easy for more people to get involved in making them, and more people able to enjoy a more personalised version.

We are preparing 100s of project templates for different categories of greetings videos, and we are reaching out to the choral community to get involved in submitting different kinds of arrangements for sale in the shop. 

We're not quite ready to launch, but if you'd like to spread some song joy across the world later this year, just sign up for early access and you'll be the first to hear when we open.

And if you are a choral arranger and interested in building another revenue stream, maybe you'd like to contribute arrangements for sale in our shop?

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