Growing the choir economy through digital innovation

Choirfarm is specialist innovation agency serving choirs and singing professionals. We develop websites, apps, build directories and marketplaces and carry out extensive research and development to explore the cross over of technology and singing in groups.

Our story

Our Story so far

2020-2021 •

Virtual Video experiments

During the pandemic, separated from face to face singing, Michael Kohn founded Choirfarm. He developed our first prototype for a multipart video recorder, working with Jason Read to produce an impressive range of virtual choir videos for a range of choirs and small singing groups.


Membership sites completed for large community choirs

With choirs coming out of lockdown and needing to grow, we pivoted to focus to build growth focused websites for leading London Community Choirs including London City Voices and Soul Choirs.

2022 • October

Innovate UK Fast Start Award

Choirfarm was awarded innovation funding to build our first prototype of an operational Marketplace to help people find the idea local choir (, and to develop an exemplar video course  to encourage those at home to maintain their singing.

2023 • November

Choirslist London Launch

We're now busy working to complete our project and launch the most comprehensive Find a choir marketplace.

At Choirfarm, we believe in a world where everyone gets to harvest the benefits from singing, where they want, when they need, and to a level that's right for them.

Our job is simply to help the passionate professionals and volunteers who work across the choir and singing economies, providing the best digital tools to enable their work and to increase access to their services.

Our values

We work towards best-in-class digital innovation to choir and singing economy.

Our company is a remote first, digital innovation agency with a passion for creating human-centred, functional technology.


Our focus is on technology that serves the great work of the many different kinds of choirs and their singing communities. Thus we're listening hard and working to innovate for the 1000s of passionate and talented professionals who run choirs and serve their communities.

One app at a time

We're building out the minimum viable products and services for different activities, to add value to individuals and communities alike. From memberships to marketplaces, we keep an eye on what could be helpful.

Always be learning

Choirfarm stays abreast of the latests developments in innovation and technology to ensure it it developing relevant and future proofed products for its clients and partners.

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