Choirslist - helping singers find their perfect choir

We're delighted that we've been funded by Innovate UK to build out a prototype of a new kind of marketplace and directory for choirs. The aim is to make it easier for anyone to find and join their ideal local choir, and gain easier access to the benefits that regular singing brings, such as the improvement of physical, social and mental health.

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What is Choirslist? 

We've put together some basic questions and will update with more answers as the project progresses. If you can't find what you are looking for then get in touch and we will be glad to hear from you.

What's the big idea behind Choirslist?

We want to make it easier for more people to find their ideal choir to join. There are a number of existing choir directories which serve different kinds of audiences, but none we have found that are really focused on recruiting new singers for the choir and which take on the practicalities of why someone joins. We're fixing that with a more specific search and we're looking to list one choir at a time, and one region at a time, right across the UK.

What kinds of choirs are you listing?

We're open to listing all and any kinds of choir in hyperlocal directories. The basics are covered about the type of music, and whether there are auditions to join. Each verified choir can add more details about size, rehearsal locations, and features to recruit more members.

Will it be free to use? 

Yes, free for anyone to use and also free for choir organisations to list and verify their choir, with the aim of getting as many active choirs listed.

Can't you just find us on the web. Why should I bother verify my choir listing?

There are a number of reasons to verify your listing, but the main one is that we will raise the profile of verified listings over listings we find, and this will increase your own web traffic, for free. If you are looking to recruit members, then a free listing will help you recruit. Simple as that. We also need you to verify your choir to prove its still active.

This sounds great, but how will Choirslist make money?

We're not quite sure yet and our focus is to building a directory we can show that works for the visitor looking to join a choir. We're committed to keeping the minimum features of the site free for everyone. This will naturally help local choirs grow. As we develop more advanced features which are useful and valuable to choir organisations, we may create some paid plans. We're also looking at events promotion, and other business models. Many directory sites turn into ads-driven sites which can be a bit distracting. We don't want Choirslist to be like that.

When will Choirslist launch in my area?

We're starting with London and we've compiled a list of over 400 active choirs in greater London. We aim to launch this October. We'll then be expanding Choirslist to other regions across UK and globally. People will be able to pre-list their choirs and we will launch the directory as we reach the minimum demand. We are also looking for community manager freelancers who want to run a Choirslist in their region. If that could be you then please get in touch.

Still have questions?

If you have any further questions about Choirslist, please leave your details and we'll get back to you.